Crafting design & systems

for scalable products

I’m Saurabh, an experienced designer collaborating with startups & giants alike to scale their existing design language or help them craft their own. I always design for scalability, accessibility, trust, and impact.

Opportunities I’m grateful for.

In the past years, I’ve had a great time working along the most driven developers, designers, and people who relentlessly care for their product. It all started as an email, and now it’s part of my journey as a designer.

Ethics I live by.

Working with me is a two way communication. Instead of me defining the visual designs, it will be us designing how the product should work & grow.

We design the product together.

Fail faster.

Failures are opportunities for growth. I like to experiment, iterate, and test ideas very quickly. At the end of the day, you’ll never hear “Oh, I didn’t think of that” from me.

Collaborate first.

Collaboration is the only access to new perspectives and insights. It helps me gain a greater view of what I’m working on and helps to avoid working in shadows. Look out for my slack messages.

Always overdeliver.

I think in terms of goals and vision, not tasks. My job doesn’t end when the component is done. I’ll share opinions and insights on what we should do after the task - what makes sense in a bigger picture, how can it grow in the future, how can it help our users more?

Anyone can design your feature, but no one can design your systems like I do :P

What I’m looking forward to.

Each collaboration starts with a message, or more specifically, an idea. If you have an idea, you already have my attention. Feel free to drop me a hi.

But that’s not all life is about, it’s about people who think of you. If you’re thinking of me, you know the drill.